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Hello St. Justin families,

 It has been a great start to the school year and overall we are pleased with how respectful and accommodating people have been in and around the school parking lot.

There are a few problem areas that we feel need to be addressed immediately.

Our neighbors, Erin’s Place (across 175th ) need 24 hour access to their parking lot and their entry driveway so please do NOT park or turn around there.

The Terra Losa Shopping Centre also needs full access to their parking lot so please do NOT park there.

The NO Stopping areas around the flashing yellows crosswalk are important to protect our students crossing so please do NOT idle or block them.

The staff parking lot is full and too small for parents to turn around so please do NOT enter.

We have three daily buses so please respect the bus loading zones.

Most of 175th street is available for stopping and parking so feel free to use it.  You might need to park a block down the road, please do that it will protect our students.  We are using the pylons and signs to help guide everyone and ensure a safe environment for everyone in our community.  We appreciate your support on this matter.

Have a wonderful autumn!


Rena Methuen                                         Kevin Myskiw

Principal                                                     Asst. Principal




Jesus Others You

Give your heart to Jesus

Pray daily to Him, too,

For the key to JOY is loving...

Jesus, Others, and You


Be kind and good to people

in all you say and do,

For the key to JOY is loving....

Jesus, Others, and You.


Be proud of who you are,

And to yourself be true,

For the key to JOY is loving...

Jesus, Others, and You.

Lisa O. Engelhardt




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